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Gardner Thanksgiving Kindergarten Feast
The annual Gardner Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast is a colorful display of costumed students who bring to life the historic first Thanksgiving between Native Americans and European Pilgrims at Plymouth held to celebrate the colony’s first harvest. Gardner kindergarten teachers organize the event and invite student guests from all grade levels to attend. Kindergarten students dress as Native Americans and guest students from other grades dress as Pilgrims. A ceremonial walk to the cafeteria and student handmade gift exchange makes for a truly memorable lesson in expressing friendship, appreciation, and thanks.
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Gardner Lego League Combines Values & Robotics
The Gardner Magnet Lego League is a Robotics Club connected to leagues across the world through the FIRST Lego League Program, which is an alliance program established in 1998 between FIRST (For Inspiration & Recognition of Science & Technology) and the Lego group. Through the program, which establishes an annual theme to guide these efforts, students work through a process of 1) Identifying a real world problem and solution, 2) Completing missions through robots and robotic technology, and 3) Following character-building Core Values. As they prepare for competition in December, learn more about how members intend to solve the problem of food provisions for long-term astronaut missions through cultivating crickets on spaceships to provide a protein-rich food source.
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Rockefeller String Quartet Visits Gardner STEM
Rockefeller String Quartet Visits Gardner STEM
Rockefeller String Quartet Visits Gardner STEM Gardner STEM third graders enjoyed a visit and performance from the Rockefeller String Quartet today. Some of the students even got to participate in an activity! They were asked to draw what the music made them feel or see in their mind.
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National STEM/STEAM Day
National STEM/STEAM Day
November 8 is National STEM/STEAM Day. With so much emphasis put on STEM and STEAM, this is a day you’ll want to celebrate! Here’s an overview explaining STEM (https://www.weareteachers.com/what-is-stem/).
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Welcome to Gardner STEM

Welcome to Gardner STEM
(Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)
Magnet School!

The Mission of Gardner STEM is to engage, empower, excel!

Gardner Vision:

At our school, you will see:

A positive, safe school environment;


Strong relationships; 

Students leading the learning;

A diverse community of high-level learners;

Flexibility as the norm;

Self-motivation and perseverance.

The staff of Gardner STEM Magnet School provides students with an innovative technology-rich learning environment in which they experience and communicate literacy, mathematics, science, and engineering as an integral part of everyday life. We firmly believe it is our mission, as well as the entire district, to give students every opportunity to succeed academically and become a valued member of society.